Web Maintenance

Why invest in Web Maintenance?

We only offer Web Maintenance services for in house clients (meaning that we built your website). 

We have carefully made this decision because we know that successful Web Maintenance is strongly tied to good and proper web design and development. We cannot provide you with good web maintenance work on websites that were not built up to our standards. 

So with that in mind, additionally to already investing on a website with us, why should you invest in Web Maintenance as well? Here are some reasons why:

Optimized Speed

We will make sure that everything continues to run smoothly and that your content loads fast and properly.

Backup Guarantee

Security guarantee too. The internet is a vulnerable place for you or your business without proper security software and backup. 

Performance Check

Sometimes web links break, pages fail to load and you will not notice. However, your client does. We will not let that happen.

SEO Backed Content

On top of managing your business, will you really have time to create high quality content that is also SEO Backed? 


No Content Creation*
$ 50 Monthly Fee
  • Optimized Speed & Security
  • Data Backup & Hosting Management
  • Performance Check


Biweekly Content Creation
$ 150 Monthly Fee
  • Basic Web Maintenance Package
  • SEO Backed Copywriting
  • SEO Blogging (Every two weeks)


Weekly Content Creation
$ 300 Monthly Fee
  • Basic Web Maintenance Package
  • SEO Backed Copywriting
  • SEO Blogging (Every week)

Make sure that your website loads fast and properly.

Protect yourself with backup and security guarantee.

Have a website with no broken links or buttons.

Feel confident that your website has content driven traffic.